Sunday, 8 July 2012

The growl

The Growl!!!

I checked the time of arrival on my sat nav for the millionth time.  I had been warned not to be late and I had no desire to earn myself a punishment.  I worked out that I had time to stop and go to the toilet and still be there with ample time.  Sure enough I pulled into the car park with ten minutes to spare.  I had just gathered together my things and set off when my phone rang.  I answered but then wished I hadn’t as now I didn’t know what time it was as I have no watch.  I tried desperately to be polite but to get shut of the caller as I was beginning to panic.  I was right by the door but I was going to be late.  Luckily the caller took the hint and I was able to check the time.  Two minutes to go as I rang the doorbell.

The door opened instantly and I saw him check his watch as he beckoned me inside. He smiled as he said regretfully that he thought I was going to be late.  I didn’t have time for a reply as he pointed me in the direction of the changing room.

“strip off and put the two items laid out on”

I hastily removed my clothes and went to see what I was to put on; a heavy leather collar and a pair of evil nipple clamps.  After my last visit, my nipples and breasts had been tender for over a week so I was a little nervous as I carefully fastened them into place.

I am not normally fazed by being naked but I felt very intimidated as I walked into his room.

There was a bright light dividing the room so my half was blindingly light and he was standing behind it so I could barely see him in the gloom.

“stand there and let me look at you”

I tried to see through the gloom, to see if he was pleased with me.  He seemed to be, as I had arrived on time and had obeyed the simple first instruction.

“when did you last have a pee?”

My stomach dropped and all my feelings of being good dissipated.  Even as I muttered “about 20 mins ago”, I knew it was a mistake.  I had not been told not to pee but with hind sight, it would have been a good idea to ask.  Now I felt like I had been a bit too clever for my own good (see entry on comfort zone for explanation).

He came into the light and I saw he was holding a riding crop.  He circled round me applying the crop to my breasts as he told me how disappointed he was and that I should have made sure that I had a full bladder and that now my breasts would have to be punished.

He made a start on them, by flicking and tapping and watching me squirm.  I tried to be quiet as I knew (and he reminded me) that excessive noise would result in a gag……………..and we all know how much I hate gags.

I was very glad when he stopped paying attention to my breasts even though he made me bend over so he could inspect me.

Inspections rank right up there with gags as things I hate.  There is nothing more humiliating than having your bottom cheeks prised apart so they can have a good luck, or feeling fingers poking into your pussy commenting on its wetness, or fingers feeling for any stray hairs.  The ultimate humiliation is the finger probing your arse hole and in this instance being told that it is too tight and that he is going to work on it.

When I had been poked and prodded till my face was bright red, I was allowed to stand up; nipple clamps still in place and have some more attention to my breasts.  I wished wholeheartedly that I hadn’t been so clever as they got redder and sorer.  He took the time to tell me that my bottom normally got a lot of attention so he was going to do different things to make his point.

He disappeared into the gloom and reappeared a moment later with a wooden chair and a large rubber dildo that suctioned to the chair.

“put it in your arse and sit down”

Such a simple instruction but not so easy to do.  I have never put a dildo in myself when standing up and I have never put a floppy one in myself so I felt doubly humiliated as I tried to comply while he sat and watched me from behind the light.  He offered me some lube but that just made it even more difficult as it now slid all over the place.

Eventually he took pity on me and made me bend over while he inserted it inside me.  It seemed huge and it took some time to get it in properly and then he made me sit down on the chair.  I cannot honestly remember ever being so uncomfortable, even with the hook on the last visit.  He ignored my discomfort as he secured my wrists and ankles to the chair before going to sit down behind the light.

I tried to get comfy but felt like I was completely full and there was no wriggle room.  I tried to see him but could barely make out his relaxed figure behind the light.

“so tell me about Pebble”

I could not believe my ears, I am stuck on a chair with a dildo up my ass and he is asking me questions.  I babbled some kind of answer, not entirely sure how coherent it was.

“tell me about sour sweets”

I babbled some more, wishing I could see him so I could gauge how my rabbiting was being received.  When he did appear into the light however, he started circling me, like an animal with his prey.  He had a flogger which he used to keep me guessing as to where he was going next. 

My physical discomfort faded as I was now mentally tormented as to what he was going to do next.  Sometimes in the light, sometimes in the dark, in front, behind me.  I just never knew where he was or what he was doing.  But the worse thing he did was NOTHING.  How can someone instil so much fear just by being there?  I was almost glad when he was squeezing my nipple or using the flogger as at least then I knew where he was.

After a while he pulled his chair forward and sat between my spread legs.  I heard him put a glove on and then felt him probing at my pussy.  Deeper and tighter, the probing was relentless.  Sometimes hard, sometimes gentle, sometimes a touch on my clit.  I was unable to move as much as I would have liked as the dildo was stuck to the chair but I know I was in heaven, all the torment forgotten as I just experienced wave after wave of pleasure.

I could smell my pussy juice mingling with the smell of the gloves and I could feel the wet on the chair and I felt so animal like as I just writhed to his command.  Suddenly he slapped my face and I stared at him wide eyed as he did it again several times.  It is so strange how such an aggressive act can make me cum even more like an animal.

He went back to the dark side to sit and watch me some more as I calmed down and wriggled in my own juices.

It was only calm for a bit before he started his circling again.  It was making me even more nervous this time and when he came in close to ask me a question, I growled at him.  I say growl, but it was more like a snarl.  It shocked him and absolutely terrified me.

“did you just growl at me?”

If I had thought I was babbling before then it was nothing to what I was doing now.  Luckily he thought it was funny that I had dared to growl but it didn’t stop the painful consequences for my breasts as he reminded me that it is not a subs place to growl no matter how much they are tormented.

At last I was allowed to be untied and released from the dildo.  I asked if I could go and have a wash as I hate feeling unclean and the chair was swimming with juices.  I was not allowed as I had growled so I was to have the anal hook put in for a bit to remind me of my place.

I was fastened face to the wall with my arms outstretched and the hook pulling up to where my arms were attached.  It was comfy to say the least and what was worse was now I could not even see where he was as the crop and a paddle landed on various parts of my anatomy before he started playing with the hook.  For some reason, he started tapping on it and for some reason this made me desperate to pee.  For some stupid reason, I told him.  I really should learn to keep my mouth shut.

I begged him to stop and for me to be allowed to pee but he had other ideas.  I felt a washing up bowl forced between my legs and the order was given to pee in the bowl.  He continued to tap at the bloody anal hook as I tried to die from embarrassment as the pee started dribbling down my leg.

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, he took my photo.  I am hoping that that photo will never surface but who knows how mean some people can be???

When I was released, I was sent to the bathroom with all the equipment and the chair to give them a thorough wash before I was allowed to wash myself.  I spent some time cleaning trying to calm down.  He inspected the items and then told me to sit on the toilet as far back as I could.  I felt a shemargh put over my eyes and I waited wondering if he was going to play with my clit again while making me pee some more.

I was surprised then to feel a strong gush of his pee washing over me as he reminded me again that subs do not growl.  As he walked away, I took the blindfold off and glared at his departing back and fuck me if my face didn’t start thinking about growling again.  Luckily, very luckily, I was able to stop myself so when he turned to see me, I was looking like a good girl. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The toilet (comfort zone part 3)

“Is there a toilet I can use?”

He smiled at me, in the way that only Doms can.  Just that simple smile sent a shiver up my spine.

“Of course but while you are there, you will have no privacy, I will watch everything that you do”

I managed a small smile back as he ordered me to remove my clothes.  I had expected to be able to get changed as I had had a long drive so I had worn my usual day clothes to travel in.  I was more embarrassed at him seeing my normal bra and pants than of being naked.  I thought longingly of my pretty underwear in my bag as I stood naked in front of him.

When I had had time to become more embarrassed by his scrutiny, he led me to the toilet.

“Sit right back and spread your legs so I can see”

Is there anything more humbling than sitting naked on a toilet, waiting to be told that you are allowed to pee?

When I was allowed to start, it was like my desire had dried up completely.  He crouched down next to me to get a better view and reminded me that if I didn’t get on with it, that I wouldn’t be allowed another toilet break for a long long time.

I managed to go eventually and I tried to pretend I was anywhere else but sitting in full view as the pee flowed down the toilet.  He watched as I dried myself before taking me away to do evil things to me (see comfort zone parts 1 and 2).

When I next needed the toilet, I was prepared and sat back and spread my legs without being told.  Again he crouched down next to me but this time, horror of horrors, he started playing with my clit while telling me to pee.  My clit was already ultra sore and turned on so touching made me desperate to cum again, but I needed to pee and my brain was nearly exploding trying to process two messages at the same time.

I can honestly say, it was the first time that I have ever had an orgasm while peeing and when I had calmed down, I felt so embarrassed at what I had done.  But worse was to come.  After he had washed his hands, he told me to stand up and he dried my pussy and legs for me like a baby.  There are some things which just push my buttons and being washed or cleaned in any way does it for me.

By the time it was time to leave, I needed the toilet again but I crossed my legs and hoped the service station was not too far away.  Wimp, I know.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Comfort Zone - Part two

I waited submissively, hands bound above my head and the anal hook niggling at my bum.  I watched as he approached me with a set of nipple clamps.  The only good thing that I could see was that they were not clover clamps.  However before I had time to be glad, I felt him take hold of my nipple.  You can never really prepare for the pain that comes from an expert squeezing away at your most tender area.  I tried to be quiet and I tried to keep still but I failed miserably on both counts.

Despite my yelping the pressure got steadily worse and I found myself wishing he had just put on some clover clamps instead of the still increasing pain. 

 “The more noise you make, the harder it is going to get”, his voice was low and extremely menacing and I tried to be quiet but it was impossible so the pain got worse as he now used his nails to exert even more pressure.

Everything ends eventually and I was so glad when he released me as I was able to breathe and just hang in peace.  Not for long though as he, along with every Dom I have ever met, had an obsession with symmetry.  I shrank back as my other nipple was gripped and the pressure tightened.  I was quieter for longer this time but I am not a quiet sub and soon I was begging him and yelping some more.

“OK, then cleo, beg!”

Suddenly I was silent.  I can beg instinctively but doing it as an ordered action was impossible. I stared at him, almost forgetting my poor nipple.

I tried to find some words but all that came out was “please stop”.  Not the most erudite words.  The pressure increased and suddenly I was begging again and trying to squirm away.

When he was done tormenting my nipples, he took out the clamps again, that I had almost forgotten and fastened them securely onto my sore nipples.  He left me dangling again for a while as he sorted out his next items of torture.

I watched him, feeling a mixture of sore and sorry for myself, yet highly turned on and extremely submissive.  When he came back towards me, he was carrying a crop.  I HATE crops but they seem to like me.  He started flicking me, on my breasts, my bottom, my back, my thighs, even my calf as I was wriggling and squirming too much.  Every now and then he would flick at my nipple.  At one point I must have been making too much noise as he threatened to use a ball gag.  This is a threat I take very seriously as I hate gags more than I the crops so I made an effort to be quiet.

No amount of effort in the world would have kept me quiet as he pulled the clamps off.  He took great delight in squeezing the resultant throbbing nipples, ignoring my yelps.

I was very relieved when he finally released my arms and told me to remove the hook.  I had been dangling helplessly for an hour but it had seemed like forever.  I was allowed to shake my arms out and have a drink of water.  Both were much needed as I was feeling quite lightheaded by this point.  I perched on the edge of the settee, feeling very naked as he walked round making preparations fully clothed.

I discovered today that there is a group called clothed men and naked females.  I can really identify with that concept as it always heightens my feeling of submission.

 After a suitable period of contemplation, I was called over and he started tying up my breasts.  It had been about three years since I last had this done and I had forgotten the strange sensation you get in your breasts as they are forced into ever tighter rope circles.  The already sore nipples felt even tenderer as he kept rubbing against them as he was tying the rope.  Once he was happy with the pattern, he took a small leather strap and started using it on my engorged breasts. Oh my god, is all I can say.  It was one of those love /hate moments. 

By the time I was unbound, I had grazes on my breasts that were tender for nearly a week along with my nipples which is one of the best things to come out of the session.  I get so much attention to my bottom usually that it is rare to feel it for very long so to be reminded of the session every time I moved because of my bra rubbing was just heavenly.

There was another thing that happened which made my pussy so wet and horny but I can’t remember the context or where it fitted in.  He said something along the lines of “move when I tell you too”, then he slapped my face and used my pony tail to pull me round and back into the hardness of his body.  Such a simple thing but it made me feel wonderfully submissive as it was so unexpected and so dominant and controlling

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Comfort Zone - Part One

I have not been taken out of my comfort zone for months.  As a pro sub, I get to chose my clients and mainly I get spanked. It takes a few meetings to build up the trust required to do anything else and mostly, they don't express a desire to do anything more challenging.  When I play on a personal basis either 1 2 1 or at a party, again, it is generally lighthearted (even if heavy) play.  It is normally only when with a regular Dom that limits start to be challenged and developed. So, it was with this in mind that I went to meet Paul for a fun session.

We had discussed limits etc before hand but immediately on meeting him, I felt both safe and unsafe at the same time.  Safe in the fact that I knew he would stop if I wanted to end the session yet unsafe in that I knew he would stretch my boundaries.  Not a physical unsafe, and perhaps that is the wrong word but it made my heart beat a bit faster and it definitely made my pussy wet.

I don't usually use restraints in play as the people who I trust to do it to me, don't want to so it was with trepidation that I held my hands out to have the cuffs put on and then raised my arms above my head to be secured to the frame.  Completely naked except for cuff and collar and secured to a frame, you are at your most vulnerable.

He walked over to his equipment and turned round with a shiny steel anal hook.  I nearly wet myself there and then.  I had never even seen one in real life although I regularly watch video clips with them in.  As he walked over to me, letting the steel glint in the light, I was very glad that I had given myself an enema that morning before setting off.

He let me look at it while he attached the rope, letting my obvious tension build up inside me.  As he walked behind me, I had to remember to breath and to remind myself that I had had plenty of other things in my anus that were not as big as this scary thing that was now nuzzling at my bottom.

It felt very cold and very hard as it was inserted into me.  Initially I felt relief as it entered and my anus closed around it.  That was not too bad I thought and then the feeling changed to one of oh my god, as he started to pull upwards on the rope.  I would never have believed that you could feel more helpless than cuffed and restrained but that hook made it ten times worse.  You simply had no where to go.  When he tweaked my nipple, i started to step back but the hook stopped me, likewise if he flicked by bottom with the crop, there was nowhere to go forward.  Bending my knees to release pressure on my arms and there was the hook again, delving ever deeper into me.

While I was still trying to process my thoughts, he pulled up a chair and sat down to watch me.  For some reason, this makes me feel ultra submissive, that he can simply sit and watch and be entertained by my predicament is infurating but also deeply arousing.

I guess it was obvious that I was turned on as he came over to me and put his fingers on my clit and started to play.  Because of the hook, I had nowhere to squirm to as he warned me menacingly not to cum without permission.  This is by far the hardest thing I ever have to do.  I like to cum and I cum very easily so not being allowed even when desperate is the worse torture I can imagine.  With some Doms, I have to admit, it is easier to cum and to take the consequences but I had no intention of discovering what those consequences may be with Paul so I squirmed and begged.   After what seemed a lifetime, he eventually gave permission.  Then I think it was his turn to be surprised as  I dissolved into a fit of giggles.  I can not help it, it always happens, the more turned on I am, the more I giggle.

Having paid attention to my clit and my arse, he now turned to my breasts and more specifically my nipples.........................................

To be continued

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Prison Hospital

A piece of fiction.

Cleo lay on her bed in the prison hospital and contemplated her fate.  It wasn’t very promising.  She had been due to be whipped for saying “No” one too many times so she had decided that it would be a good time to get sick.  She had done a good job of feigning illness on the prison wing, so here she lay, handcuffed and naked with only a thin cotton sheet covering her up.  She had asked why she needed to be naked and had been told by the nurse it was to make things easier for the Doctor, so he wouldn’t have to mess about with handcuffs when he was examining her.  Cleo  hadn’t liked the sound of that but it was too late now, she would have to hope she could fool the Doctor as easily as she had fooled the warders.

The door of the ward opened and she saw Dr Brown enter.  “Shit” she muttered under her breath, he had a reputation for being a bastard.  Dr Brown looked round the otherwise empty ward and then closed the door with a resounding thud.  Cleo cringed into the bed, where was the chaperone she wondered fearfully. 

Dr Brown must have read her mind as he smiled at her saying “we don’t need a chaperone for a simple examination, you left those luxuries at the prison door, and here you have only the very basic of rights, so we will get started. 

“Put your arms above your head”.  Cleo complied; knowing resistance was futile and tried not to panic as he secured the cuffs to the bed frame.

“It is always easier to examine a prisoner, if their hands are well out of the way”

The Doctor put a pair of latex gloves on before shining a torch into her eyes and telling her to open her mouth while he looked deep into her mouth.  He felt the glands in her neck and rested his hand on her for head to see if she had a temperature.

“No sign of any warmth here”, he observed, “we will have to use the anal thermometer later on”

Before Cleo had time to process that piece of information, he whipped the cover off her in one movement.  The cold air hit her skin and her nipples stood firmly to attention.  She felt his eyes looking at her naked, trembling body before she felt his gloved fingers grip one of her swollen nipples.

He rolled it in his fingers, watching how she tried to sink away from his touch.  After playing gently with it for a few seconds, he suddenly started to pinch it and pull it away from her body.  Cleo cried out in pain as she arched her body to try and follow the nipple.

“Are you really sick young lady” the doctor asked as he watched the torment on her face.

“Yes Doctor” cried Cleo.  The doctor released her nipple and Cleo lay back panting on the bed glad that the pain had gone.  The relief was short lived as he carefully took hold of the other nipple and started to apply the same pressure.  Cleo tried again to follow the nipple but being secured to the bed head limited her movements.  She was begging by the time he released her.

“It seems that your pain receptors are in perfect working order.  That is good news, I am sure you will agree”

A mutinous look passed over Cleo’s face. The Doctor frowned “would you like me to test them again to make sure” he asked.  Cleo shook her head wildly, “No Sir, I believe you Sir”

“Very well then, we will move on, bring your knees up and put the soles of your feet together so your legs are wide open. Cleo obeyed very slowly not liking the vulnerability that this position offered.
“You keep those feet together and your legs wide open or I will have to slap the inside of your thighs until you don’t want them ever to touch anything ever again, do you understand”

“Yes Doctor” whispered Cleo as she felt his gloved hands start to examine her most intimate parts.  He parted her labia so he could get a good look at her cliterous.  To her horror, he started to rub it gently.  She tried to close her legs and was rewarded with five hard spanks on each inner thigh.  She cried out in pain as the gloved hands left deep red hand imprints on the soft and delicate skin.

 “You do that again and I will secure those legs apart”.  The doctor carried on rubbing the clit for a few moments before suddenly dipping his finger deep inside of her. Cleo gasped at the sudden penetration before trying to turn her head away as he put his gloved fingers by her face.

“You seem very wet internally for a poorly patient, I wonder why that is”

Cleo didn’t answer, what could she say, she just tried to pretend it wasn’t happening as he resumed the very intimate examination pulling the labia this way and that as he examined every nook and cranny.

“OK, on your front and on your knees, bottom facing me, head on the bed”.  Cleo scrambled to obey as she tried to assume the position but struggled with the cuffs.  He released them from the bed head and warned her menacingly to keep them out of the way.  She knelt and waited, realising that lying with her legs spread was very dignified compared to this position.  The doctor pulled up a stool and sat down so his face was level with her exposed pussy.  He slapped the inside of her thighs a few more times to make sure her legs were well spread before ordering her to dip her back.  Once he was satisfied with her position he resumed the exploration, only now he could get really deep.  Every now and then he would gently rub her clit until Cleo thought she was going to go mad.  It had been so long since she had been allowed sexual release, having been handcuffed to objects or in view of others for over a week, that she felt her self relaxing and enjoying the attention. 

Suddenly she felt his finger force its way into her tight anus.  She gasped as he started to fuck her hard with his finger while continuing to play with her pussy with his other hand.  Before she knew it Cleo was like an animal, forcing her bottom back to meet his finger in her arse, grunting and moaning with pleasure as she became more and more wild with desire.  The doctor didn’t disappoint her, he rubbed gently on the clit while fucking hard with his finger and the two different sensations sent the prisoner into an ecstatic orgasm. 

 The doctor withdrew his finger and calmly removed his gloves as he watched the girl struggle for composure.  She was still kneeling with the juices dripping down her legs as she breathed deeply trying to come to terms with what had happened.

“Well, it doesn’t seem that there is much wrong with you, does it?”

The words hung in the air and Cleo remembered that she was supposed to be sick, and now she was going to get that whipping anyway.

“Lay on your stomach, arms above your head, over the two pillows”.  Cleo very slowly lay over the pillows and put her hands up so they could be re secured to the bed head.  She knew what was coming; she had been in this position before on the prison wing.

 “Keep those legs spread, just how you like them, my little play acting slut. Now push that bottom up and keep it up.  You can make as much noise as you like, but you keep still”

Cleo waited as he stroked her bottom gently with the wooden bath brush, building up her tension before bringing it down hard on her cold and unprepared bottom.  He put one hand on her back to keep her still as the brush made contact, over and over again.  The strokes were hard and fast and Cleo could barely cry out as there was no time.  Her whole behind felt like it was on fire as he made sure that every inch of skin was red and sore.

At last it stopped, or so she thought.

“12 more on each cheek, and then you will be released back to the wing for your whipping.  Count and thank me for each stroke”

The 24 strokes seemed to take for ever as it took a long time for Cleo to present herself properly for each stroke.  She was sobbing by the time it was over and she was released from the bed.

 The doctor watched as she limped round the bed and put on a hospital gown before opening the door and handing her over to the warder who was waiting in the corridor.

“Good bye Cleo, I will see you in a couple of hours to supervise your whipping” 

He smiled as she limped down the corridor, her deep red bottom poking out of the gap in the gown.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Chair

I love playing with this couple as apart from the first meeting, we never have vanilla chats. it is all part of the role play.

Cleo read the text with a sinking heart.

"You have been a very silly girl, you will strip naked, go and unlock your front door then take your favourite position on the chair. You will stay there until further notice"

Her first thought was that she was not a silly girl, naughty maybe but not silly. She also thought it was not her favourite chair and why did she have to unlock the bloody door. All in all she was having some rebellious thoughts when her phone beeped again

"NOW cleo"

Cleo jumped and instantly started to remove her clothes before rushing down to open the door. She sincerely hoped that no one would come in while she was so exposed but she had a nasty feeling that either Sir or Miss was going to be paying her a visit.

As she knelt there with her pussy and arse hole so open and displayed for all to see, she wondered what was going to happen. They both liked to keep her on her toes so there was no guarantee that anyone would turn up, she might just be left there for an hour.

It seemed like an hour before cleo heard the front door open. She strained her ears to see who it was as she didn't dare raise her head. The footsteps were light so she was not surprised to hear Miss's voice

"so, I have a naughty girl ready and waiting. Sir told me what you have been up to. He is very annoyed with you and intends to make an example of your bottom.2

Cleos face reddened, she hated it when they were displeased with her. She grimaced as she felt rough hands on her bottom cheeks, pulling them apart so she was even more exposed. Worse was to come as Miss took out a baby wipe and proceeded to clean her anus with it while telling her that she could have at least cleaned herself first.

Poor cleo felt she would die of embarrassment as she was scolded while being cleaned like a baby. When Miss was satisfied that all was clean, she took a butt plug and with no extra lube, inserted it non too gently into cleos bottom.

"that's better" Miss observed as she gave it a final twist. Cleo grimaced , it didn't feel better to her.

Miss gave her a hard smack on her bottom before leaving her alone with her thoughts while she made herself a drink of tea.

The butt plug certainly concentrated cleos mind as she tried to wait patiently for Miss to finish drinking.

Miss went through to the bedroom and came back with a selection of implements. Cleo could not see so Miss helpfully told her that there were 6 leather straps and 6 canes.

"I am going to give you 12 with each one, while we are waiting for Sir. Now move to face the opposite direction"

Cleo scooted round the chair, it was the first she had heard that Sir was coming as well. That never boded well.

"bend over further, spread those legs wider, come on girl" Miss was inpatient to start unlike cleo who was in no hurry.

There was to be no warm up, Miss started with a cane and she was not starting lightly. Cleo could not imagine how she was going to get through this punishment if the first stroke hurt so much. Miss did not ask her to count but allowed her to fully concentrate on the pain and on keeping still.

The cane was followed by a strap which at least gave cleo a bit of a breather as she found leather easier to take.

Cleo barely heard Sir enter the room and certainly didn't see him nod approvingly at Miss as she methodically worked through the implements, gradually turning cleos bottom into a mass of stripes and a deep red colour.

It was a very sorry Cleo, who finally reached the final twelve with the final strap but she wasn't allowed any time to recover before Sir told her to move and kneel on one arm of the chair and to stick her bottom right up. Of the three ways to kneel on the chair, this was by far the worse as it exposed the back of the thighs to excellent effect.

Sir stroked her bottom gently as she kept perfectly still trying not to flinch at the touch. She could feel her bottom throbbing and his fingers seemed to make it worse. He sensed that she was trying to flinch and suddenly raked his nails over the stripes.

Cleo yelled out loud at the sudden unexpected pain and was rewarded by a sharp slap on her thigh with an admonition to keep quiet.

"Miss Marriott, would you be so kind as to step into the bedroom and I will join you shortly when I have applied the dragon cane to this naughty girls thighs"

Cleo decided to risk begging that her thighs be spared but was curtly told that she had now doubled her punishment, that she should know that it was not necessary for her to speak except when spoken to.

The caning that had already happened was nothing compared to one stroke of a heavy cane on unprotected thighs. Cleo was sobbing after just one stroke, all thoughts of stoicism abandoned.

Sir was not in the slightest bit moved by her distress but continued lining her legs from the crease of her bottom to half way down her thighs. It took an age to deliver the 12 strokes as Sir insisted on complete stillness and the perfect position before cracking the cane down on his crying sub.

When it was completed, cleo was hoping for a hug but this time was told to get back into her original chair position and to wait and consider how she had disappointed Sir and Miss.

After a while cleo calmed down enough to wonder what Sir and Miss were doing. They usually liked to sit and chat and watch their sub or sometimes they liked to be pleasured by her while commenting on her red bottom. They had never left her on her own before. She strained her ears to see if she could hear what they were doing. All she could hear was Sirs deep voice and Miss's higher one but no words were audible.

Curiosity was killing cleo and she was contemplating risking moving just to find out, when she heard a strange sound. It sounded for all the world like a hand spanking a bare bottom. Had they got another sub in there, oh god, she hoped not, she didn't want to share.

The spanking continued, louder now and it was accompanied by little yelps. Cleo was going mad, wondering what an earth was happening. The next sound was one which cleo instantly recognised, the sound of wooden paddle on a defenceless bottom. The yelps were louder this time but no clearer. Cleo counted 24 before the sounds stopped. She had almost forgotten the pain in her own bottom with her desire to know who had been paddled so thoroughly.

The sound of the door opening, made her press her face into the fabric of the chair. No matter how much she wanted to know, she was not going to risk any more especially if wooden paddles were in use.

Sir and Miss made no comment as to where they had been, simply admiring the heavily marked bottom and thighs of their sub.

"i think, it is time she had a real cock in her arse instead of the plug" observed Sir as he removed it without warning.

Cleo heard Miss kneeling down and she could picture her taking Sirs hard cock into her mouth, making him even harder before moving over to cleos upturned bottom.

She pulled the cheeks apart so they could both see cleos open arse hole. She took Sirs cock and guided it to the entrance where he took over and thrust it hard into cleo.

Miss held her still so Sir could really pound into her. he pulled her hair making her arch her back and Miss made sure that she was in place at all times. There was no escape from the thrusting hard cock and cleo was soon begging to cum despite the pain in her legs as Sir banged against them.

She was allowed to cum as Miss went round to her head and kissed her deeply as Sir continued to fuck her tight little arse. Cleo didn't know what was happening as cum after cum flooded over her.

Sir changed places with Miss and cleo had to suck his cock as Miss licked her arse and finger fucked her pussy. Sir held cleo so she was gagging as he deep fucked her mouth. It was not long before he came, gushing into cleos mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked him clean as her pussy and clit were fingered mercilessly to cum after cum.

She felt very light headed as she listened to them getting dressed before they patted her on her head and told her to stay there for 15 minutes before moving.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

48 hours

48 hours after the party and nearly healed already